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What are the main factors affecting the flatness of the carton?

The most widely used packaging items are cardboard boxes. There are corrugated boxes, single-layer cardboard boxes, etc. according to the type of materials used in the market. The specifications of the cartons are also different. The flatness of the carton has a great influence on the effect of the product packaging. Therefore, care should be taken to avoid the flatness of the carton during the production process or during the packaging process. It is necessary to understand the factors affecting the flatness of the carton to avoid work.


1. If the spray device used in the carton packaging is different, the moisture content of the paperboard may be different. The moisture content of the outer edge side and the inner core side moisture content is different, which is the change of the flatness.

2. Because there are many types of cardboard used in corrugated carton packaging, there are differences in quality and type, so the flatness of the carton will also be affected during packaging.

3. The humidity in the storage environment will also affect the flatness of the corrugated box. The higher the humidity in the storage environment, the greater the impact on the flatness of the carton.