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Release time:[2018-8-31] visits:2318·He used a cardboard box to shake a tr
A carton is common to many people, but it affects our lives every day. Today, the number of cartons consumed by major e-commerce companies is an astronomical number. In 2017, tens of billions of corrugated boxes were used.   Traditional cartons are cumbersome to package. A...[view details]
Release time:[2018-8-31] visits:2432·The list of untrustworthy letters on
On August 22, 2018, according to the information of the evaluator issued by the Supreme People's Court, the list of untrustworthy enterprises in July 2018 was counted, including 79 carton packaging factories, 2 starch factories, 3 ink factories, and 12 companies. The carton machi...[view details]
Release time:[2018-8-31] visits:2259·Selling cartons can make so much?
Sun Ying, as her name, is smart and capable. After she resigned in 2004, she opened a small shop on the Internet called “Ying Ying Grocery Shop”. At that time, there was no special feature and no inexperienced grocery store. Sun Ying also began to reflect. Inadvertently, she saw...[view details]
Release time:[2018-8-31] visits:2121·How much will the impact of the Sino-
Such an unprecedented power war in a big country is unimaginable for the impact of such an important basic industry as printing and packaging. On March 23, US President Trump officially signed a trade memorandum on China at the White House. Trump announced on the spot that it wo...[view details]