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Selling cartons can make so much?

Time:[2018-8-31]  Hits:2583

Sun Ying, as her name, is smart and capable. After she resigned in 2004, she opened a small shop on the Internet called “Ying Ying Grocery Shop”. At that time, there was no special feature and no inexperienced grocery store.

Sun Ying also began to reflect. Inadvertently, she saw a big seller ordering empty milk cartons from others. What is the empty milk box? She was puzzled and couldn't help but ask the person who bought the box. "Others buy boxes to package goods." A word wakes up the dreamer! Why not consider the needs of hundreds of thousands of sellers online and provide them with products and services?

However, when talking to the carton factory, Sun Ying touched her nose. Sun Ying said that the carton factory barely made concessions, but asked her to order the first batch of goods no less than 10,000 yuan. For a grocery store that is not well-managed, it is still a little difficult to spend 10,000 yuan to set up a batch of cartons that I don’t know can sell. For another person, maybe this idea was put down. However, the potential and level of the merchant is divided accordingly. Sun Ying believes in his own vision, biting his teeth and making orders.

Since then, her grocery store has officially changed its name to "Ying Ying Carton Shop". Sun Ying’s business direction has shifted to serving the seller. And set yourself three principles: every day must go to the community forum irrigation; take the initiative to contact the top sellers in each category; make full use of product recommendations to fully create momentum.

These three principles do not seem to be novel. However, under the special platform of the Internet, which is mainly based on word of mouth and popular propaganda, it has achieved good results. The sellers who were fed up with the price of the post office packing box saw the carton shop with such complete specifications and so pleasant price, and they came to visit. These three principles are like the troika, pulling the "Ying Ying carton shop" trading volume all the way.

Customer satisfaction and trust in the product depends to a large extent on the quality of the service. Especially on the Internet platform, sometimes the tone of a sentence may directly affect word of mouth. Sun Ying deeply understands this truth. She carefully and patiently answers each customer's question and pays attention to every link in the transaction.

One time a Beijing buyer bought a batch of discounted stamps and found that the local post office was not allowed to use it. Sun Ying offered to let her return the stamp and return the money to her. The buyer was very moved. After that, she not only became a loyal customer of Sun Ying, but also introduced many friends.

With the expansion of performance, Sun Ying contracted a courier company to provide transportation services for carton shops. This move greatly reduced the transportation cost of carton, down to 5 cents per kilogram! She will also advise the seller to attach a small, exquisite business card when mailing the package, which will not only achieve the publicity effect, but also make the buyer feel intimate.

To this day, Sun Ying is already a seller of 5 diamonds. Now the post office in many areas has purchased goods from her. At that time, she refused her carton factory to keep her stock of 100,000 yuan at any time. Her annual sales volume is also several million.