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Environmental innovation and printing new technology launched in Yunnan

Time:[2018-8-31]  Hits:1680

On the 29th, the press conference on innovative technology of “Water Printing System” was held at Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center. At the press conference, Yunnan Daily Newspaper Group and Zhuon Printing Technology jointly launched an innovative technology to replace “wetting stock” printing with “tap water”.

It is reported that Zhou Daoming, general manager of Yunnan Zhuonin Technology Co., Ltd. led the team through 20 years of industry practice, 10 years of technology exploration and research and development, and successfully developed the “zero alcohol lithography system” in 2015, commonly known as “tap water offset printing system”. "Innovative Technology. The Printing Center of Yunnan Press Media (Group) Co., Ltd. jointly tested and experimented, and its “Newspaper Rotary Tap Water Offset Printing System” has passed expert review.

According to reports, Yunnan Press Media (Group) Co., Ltd. Printing Center and Yunnan Zhuonin Technology Co., Ltd. jointly tested and applied the innovative technology of “Tap Water Offset Printing System” on books and newspaper printing equipment, through the technical staff of both sides. Continuous experiment, exploration, improvement and testing, the first time in the printing field, using the "tap offset printing system" innovative technology, the world's first magazine and the first newspaper were printed on the flattening machine and the rotary machine of the Yunnan Daily Printing Center. Since the "introductory offset printing system" innovative technology experiment and application, it has the technical features and advantages of convenient modification, high quality and low consumption, environmental protection and cleanliness, cost saving and low technical requirements. The labor cost and production cost have been saved.

Wu Wei, deputy director of the Yunnan Bureau of Press, Publication, Radio and Television, said that the press and publication units should combine the transformation of traditional formats with the development of innovative formats, use advanced manufacturing techniques, promote new forms of business, extend new industrial chains, and disseminate advanced culture.

According to statistics, the total number of newspapers printed in the country is about 85.5 billion printed sheets. If the "tap water offset printing system" is promoted in the newspaper printing industry, the printing cost will be saved by more than 120 million yuan. The technology is rapidly entering the market application field, "China India Association Green Printing Group Standard" "Yunnan Printing Industry Volatile Organic Compound Emission Standard" and "China Tobacco Green Supply Chain Project" are all supported by the introduction of this technology.