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Why do high test rolls need to be printed in prison? Say you don't believe it!

Time:[2018-8-31]  Hits:1952

When talking about the college entrance examination, many people will be awe-inspiring. As a very special examination in our country, the college entrance examination has always been advertised as a "successful single-wood bridge". If the college entrance examination is better than a good university, it will mean that this life will basically go smoothly. Therefore, the college entrance examination is like a thousand-armed horse crossing the single-wood bridge, and has been valued by countless people. Every June, the college entrance examination must be the hottest topic in that period.

The college entrance examination is known as "the most fair test in life". Countless civilians hope that their children can live a good life through the college entrance examination. This also determines that the college entrance examination must be strict and fair. Therefore, from the college entrance examination questions, test paper printing, examination process, will be strict, confidential, and there must not be any slight problems. As a particularly important step in the preparation of the college entrance examination, many people will be curious as to where the high test papers are printed. Is it like putting it on the Internet to print the high test papers in prison? Today, let's talk about this topic.

First of all, we know that the printing requirements of the high test papers must be very strict. To put it bluntly, it is to prevent the test words from leaking out and affect the fairness and justice of the college entrance examination. Therefore, the state's qualification requirements for printing houses are also very strict. Because the confidentiality of the college entrance examination has risen to the level of “state secrets”, each selected printing factory not only has good qualifications, but also has to sign very strict confidentiality agreements with the state. Because the printing factory in the prison can meet the requirements of high test paper printing very well because of its particularity and concealment, many education departments are more willing to choose the printing factory in the prison.

Therefore, many of the high test papers were actually printed in prisons. The workers in these prison printing factories were prisoners during their prison sentences. But not every prisoner can participate in the task of printing high test papers. Only the selected outstanding prisoners can get the national mission permit, and there is also a very strict confidentiality agreement with the state. At the same time, their files will remain in the test center for filing.

The printing of the high test papers will start almost every May, and the workers at these prison printing houses will be "disappeared" from May until the end of the summer college entrance examination in June. In the printing process, the requirements for these workers are also very strict and will be closely monitored.

Not only the printing factory, but also the armed police officers and soldiers guarding the patrols, these workers are also required not to go out of the printing factory, and even in the printing factory can not speak freely, but can not discuss the content of the examination questions, the toilet also needs to be accompanied by someone. Of course, after work every day, it is also necessary to be arranged in a dedicated place to concentrate on eating and rest. All actions are monitored, which is equivalent to “house arrest”.

After the printing is completed, these papers will be placed in batches in a safe with GPS positioning, and will be escorted by armed police forces to the admissions offices. In the process of depositing the admissions office, there will also be monitoring all-weather knowledge, and the monitoring will be reviewed by a special person every 6 hours.

Due to various considerations such as confidentiality and concealment, many education departments will choose to print high test papers by the printing factory of the prison. Is it a little unbelievable to say it? However, all these actions and measures are to protect the rights and interests of the national university students. In order to be able to withstand their 12 years of hard work, in order to allow everyone to participate in the college entrance examination fair and equitable!